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Ibimec is a software house that since 1995 has been offering solutions on the market aimed at computerisation and consulting activities for the implementation of Quality Systems.


For 20 YEARS we have been dedicated to the development and constant updating of FmeaNet, our FMEA analysis tool, gathering experience from the field, in close collaboration with our customers and in compliance with standards.


This allows Ibimec to offer an always up-to-date, flexible, highly operational and easy-to-use product on the market.

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People are the beating heart of our company. It is they who, with their passion, dedication and competence, make great what we do every day. Each member of our team brings with them a unique share of talent and creativity, helping to build the success of our enterprise.


The diversity of perspectives and experiences within our team enriches us and allows us to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions. Together, we work hard to meet the needs of our customers, exceed expectations and create a positive impact on our community.

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